When the Pink Slip Arrives

Perhaps you heard rumblings or perhaps it came as a total surprise. Either way that Charlie Brown moment occurred. You know the one when your boss told you, “Due to economic conditions…” or “I’m so sorry, we are going to have to let you go.” At that moment, you saw his or her lips moving but all you heard was,”Womp,daa,woomp,daaaa,wooomp…” In fact, you felt like you were moving in slow motion.

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Happy New Year!

At the beginning of each New Year, most people begin with a New Year’s resolution.  It probably would not be inaccurate if we said the majority of people abort the mission by the end of the first quarter.
So, what will it take to be where you want to be on December 31, 2012?  It will take a B.A.T.T. Strategy.  Before you tackle the B.A.T.T. Strategy, you will want to take some quiet time to reflect on 2011.  Take a moment to recall and journal all of the blessings you were given and the opportunities to grow from the challenges you faced.  Yes, take a moment now.

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Outside the Comfort Zone!

It wouldn’t be called the “Comfort Zone” if it wasn’t reallllyyyy scary and “Uncomfortable”…but once you step one or two toes outside of it…you start to feel the reward and the strength to keep going.

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