Embrace Opportunities -March 13, 2014 Newsletter







I have a confession to make.  For several years, I have been running from opportunities to share my gifts and talents with the world.  Exactly, what do I mean by that?  When I started Legacy Partners, LLC almost four years ago, I fled from embracing social media because I simply love “old fashion communication.”

Indeed, this has been a journey and today I’m taking flight with my first newsletter!  My goal is not to inundate you but educate you and share my expertise to help build and grow your business.

In fact, Monday, March 17, I will be sharing my expertise in an 8 week quantum leap boot camp with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and aspiring-preneurs. For more information go to www.lpstrategist.com/bootcamp/.

So, how did I make a quantum leap?  Here are 3 key action steps:  Decide, Plan, and Commit.  In the beginning, social media sounded like a foreign language to me. How do you learn a foreign language?  You immerse yourself in the culture by connecting to the people and experiencing their lifestyle.  The mastery is in the consistent communication.  Likewise, social media has a culture all its own.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed and nervous about connecting to the world.  But, I decided, created a plan and made a commitment to connecting consistently.  Social media is here to stay and so am I.

If you are like me, I become annoyed by emails from the same person or company every day.  My promise is that I will connect on a weekly basis and share knowledge, tools and resources to enrich you and your business.

I invite you to share opportunities you might be running away from so we can grow together!  If we are not already connected, please join me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and post your comments on my blog at www.lpstrategist.com/blog/.

I will leave you with this thought by WEB DuBois, “The most important thing to remember is this:  To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.”

Your Partner in Success!



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