Gorilla On Your Back – March 20, 2014 Newsletter

March 20, 2014 Newsletter 

Have you ever felt like you had the weight of a gorilla on your back and it seemed to grow at an uncontrollable speed?  You are not alone.  Many business owners share the same burden while balancing that fine line of running operations and creating revenue.  This leads to the next question: Why is this such a challenge and what can be done about it? In the majority of cases, the “why” and “what” can be found in Marketing.

As it is said, “I am preaching to the choir.”  Business owners know marketing is fundamental and key to growth and sustainability.  If done correctly, it will create the consistent flow of revenue lessening the burdens of stagnation and lack of productivity.  So, if we have this knowledge, why is it so difficult?  In many cases we don’t know where to start or  we are unsure about how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Moreover, unless you pay thousands of dollars for a Marketing plan, many small business owners must create and execute their own plan.

John Jantsch (www.ducttapemarketing.com) offers this:  “Effective marketing is little more than creating and operating an effective marketing system.  When I use the word system, I mean several things:  1.  the system is documented; you can’t have a system unless you write it down, 2. the system is built on sound marketing principles, and 3. you constantly measure, innovate, and refine the system.”  After the system has been documented, Jantsch suggests that the plan be committed to a  marketing calendar and money allocated to execute the plan.

So, today is the day to wrestle that gorilla to the ground and lighten the load!  When we move into action, burdens seem less because the  mind is proactively engaged with creating the solution and not dwelling on the problem.  There are many options, but giving up is not one of them.  Today is the day to put systems in place, execute and inspect what you expect.

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Business Network Opportunities

“Greet, Meet, Eat, Network, Succeed”

LeTip of Charlotte presents
‘March Madness’

Monday, March 31, 2014

5:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M.

Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza, 6706 Phillips Place, Charlotte, NC 28210

Attendees: $10 at-the-door

Exhibitors: $25

(One small table for books, brochures and other printed company material). Only eight tables available

Bring a raffle prize and get in on the 30 -second business presentation

For information, please contact -Ana Luzunares-Vega Regional Director @7 04-254-7886




With Carlos Davis

11:00AM – 1:30PM
445 W. Trade St.
Contact:  Carlos Davis  (704) 916-9643


The 2014 Business Showcase

As you may know, The 2014 Business Showcase, which has been Charlotte Area’s Best Business to Business Trade Show, is scheduled for Wednesday March 26, 2014 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM at the Park Expo & Conference Center (formerly Merchandise Mart).

This great business development event, which has been co-sponsored by the Charlotte Chamber and the Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA), had over 150 exhibitors and an excess of 1,500 members of the business community in attendance in 2013.

The Business Showcase also includes a great networking reception and many great giveaways.

If you have not already responded to attend, I invite you to join us as an attendee by either responding though this email or completing attached invitation form and faxing it to us @ (704)-331-0719.


Commissioner Leake’s Small Business Consortium

Business Development and Networking Opportunities

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Government Center, 600 E. 4th St; Room 267

No Cost to attend.  Includes free training,  lunch, & parking

RSVP:  pamela@lpstategist.com

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