Core Services

Our core services are tailored for small to mid-size businesses, organizations, corporations, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who need help to release their untapped potential and are looking for clarity and strategies to reach goals, develop and grow.  We also offer presentation enhancements, workshops and seminars.

Strategic Planning

In order to determine direction of any entity or area of focus, it is necessary to clarify current positioning and possible avenues through which a specific goal can be reached.  We utilize coaching and consulting to guide our clients through the strategic planning process which ensure the company, organization or individual is going in the right direction, at the right time while maximizing the necessary resources.

Process Improvements

An organization is only as good as its processes. In order to make the necessary changes in an organization or entity, one needs to understand the key processes (Rummler, 1996).  As consultants, we identify the process to be improved, develop objectives, identify disconnects in the process, recommend changes, and guide clients through the implementation of the improvements.

Personal & Professional Development

We work with companies, profit and non-profit organizations to gain insight on how to use personality styles to empower individuals with self-awareness, create more synergistic teams or groups, and increase productivity.  Leadership development training is also offered.

In addition, we provide Christian coaching and consulting that creates a holistic approach to personal, professional and leadership development. We specialize in working with middle to upper level management and executives who need “that something more” in their careers or have been downsized and need to retool or rebrand themselves.

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