When the Pink Slip Arrives

Perhaps you heard rumblings or perhaps it came as a total surprise. Either way that Charlie Brown moment occurred. You know the one when your boss told you, “Due to economic conditions…” or “I’m so sorry, we are going to have to let you go.” At that moment, you saw his or her lips moving but all you heard was,”Womp,daa,woomp,daaaa,wooomp…” In fact, you felt like you were moving in slow motion.

Now that you are free, what do you do? Perhaps you already had plans to return to school. Maybe you have dusted off your resume and began the rigorous job hunt. Or just maybe you have said, “Enough is enough already…now it’s my time!” You are ready to roll up your sleeves, bundle your gifts and talents, and market them to the world as an entrepreneur. But, where do you begin?

If entrepreneurship is something you have thought about but never tried, I’d like to offer three questions for you to ask yourself:
1. Am I willing to sacrifice time, energy, money, and sleep to build my business?
2. Do I have or could I develop the discipline it takes to run a business?
3. Do I have a gift, talent or area of expertise that provides a solution to someone else’s problem or that makes their life/lifestyle easier?

If you desire to own your own business or you have courageously turned your pink slip into a business plan, I would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences.


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