Case Studies

The Situation

Our client has been in the real estate business for 10 years and property management for 8 years.  The client owns and operates two property management companies in Colorado and California and is transitioning a third company from property management to construction in Ohio.  Although both the Colorado and Ohio companies are steadily growing, the client contacted us for coaching and consulting services to help build a stronger infrastructure and create well-run organizations that can handle larger workloads.  In short, the client is an astute, saavy, and excellence-driven business owner who is ready to take the companies to the next level.

The Process

  1. After conducting a needs analysis of both companies, the following goals were identified:  Create a One-Page Business Plan for two of the three companies with an emphasis on marketing strategies for each.  The goal is to have the action plans produce measurable outcomes and cause each company to grow at a controllable rate
  2. Identify the mission, vision, values, customer service, management models and marketing strategies which will drive each company’s revenue and create a synergistic work environment that team members’ value.  As a result, this will drive performance.
  3. Analyze the current infrastructure, devise systems, and revise inefficient areas of the infrastructure to support sustained growth and ensure continuity in each company’s business model.

The Result

As the client’s coach, we shared valuable resources, put accountability strategies in place, and equipped the client with the tools and resources needed to develop the company’s first comprehensive business plan and, most importantly, a One-Page Business Plan of action.  Now, the company has a stronger infrastructure to support sustained growth and a tool to measure outcomes.  In addition, we were able to work with the other partner and staff to explore and implement more efficient systems, optimize communications and create a more synergistic work environment.

During our time together, the client and teams continued to build collaborations and run both businesses daily.   In addition to completing the business plans, the client also completed the mission and vision of the companies, value assessments, job descriptions, a training manual, company brands, began website designs and created effective marketing strategies. Based on the core objectives, the client’s goals were met.  The client committed to using 90% of the plans we helped to create and felt our involvement in their business development was critical to future success.

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