Our Mission

We partner with clients internationally to ensure accountability and empower them to gain clarity, maximize opportunities,
and create results as fast as possible.

Our Vision

Legacy Partners, LLC will become an international leader in advancing people, businesses, and communities by coaching and consulting with our clients to align their purpose, priorities, and plans to create significant results.

Our Values

As we work to advance people, businesses and communities, we will honor the confidentiality of our clients, treat them with respect, build relationships with integrity, foster consistent communication, and promote accountability and affordability.

Our Brand Promise

Legacy Partners, LLC is a strategic coaching and consulting practice advancing people, businesses, and communities globally. We will consistently share vital resources and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals as fast as possible.

Our Code of Ethics

Legacy Partners, LLC adheres to the highest ethical, business and privacy standards in every client interaction. Additionally, Legacy Partners, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or religion. We welcome all clients and coach them in the manner in which they prefer.

Our LP Guarantee

We encourage our clients to benefit from our core services in a completely risk-free way by backing it with our “LP Guarantee.” Once you have selected a partnership package, begin your working sessions but decide you would like to adjust the packages for the remaining months, you can do so at any time.  In addition, after remaining accountable for 30 days and you find the sessions are of no benefit, we will cancel 100% of the remaining sessions at absolutely no additional charge.


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