Pamela is a true professional dedicated to achieving the goals I set out for in the beginning of our sessions. She is extremely focused, yet so compassionate. She really takes the time to listen and get to know my situation and then tailors the coaching to meet my expectations. I truly enjoyed this experience and learned a lot during our sessions. I am going to implement 90% or more of the plans we developed. I believe that Pamela’s involvement in my business development is critical to future success.
—Thomas Co, Dayton, Ohio


My coaching sessions helped me to break out of my shell and become a conversation starter and a better conversationalist. I am now the one who initiates “breaking the ice” when meeting new people. I enjoy meeting new people and building new relationships even more now. Thank you for helping me to develop these new skills that will help me in my personal life and in building my business.
—Kimarie Whetstone, Charlotte, North Carolina

Pamela is a very insightful listener. She is wonderful at needs assessments and at helping to develop actionable solutions. I highly recommend Pamela and Legacy Partners, LLC!
—K.S., Ridgewood, New Jersey

Pamela led a workshop for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County entitled:  How to Keep the Passion in your Business during Tough Economic Times?  It was superior.  Pamela brought engaging energy and a fresh, new approach on growing your business during a slow economy.  A point that resonated with all participants was to use this time wisely to review their action plans and marketing strategies.  She also encouraged them to seek education, especially regarding social media and how to create scalable solutions to their challenges.  She gave of herself with passion, as well as, a checklist for them to follow.  She closed with a powerful story of determination and this statement, “You have got to be ready to compete in the NEW economy.
—Teresa H. McDow, Mecklenburg County, M/W/SBE


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